Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jakes Party and the Monster Truck Bus

I just love this picture!

So Jakes party and the Monster truck bus have nothing to do with each other, other than they were both in April and I'm so far behind I'm still blogging about April:) So my nephew, Jake, turned 1 on April 4th. The day after our horrible camp out, we headed up to Ely to celebrate with the fam. My brother and I got this stupid gene from our Mom. It makes us do crazy things! Charley did this amazing cake for Jake to eat, completed with hand shaved chocolate to look like fur on the bear, and fondant jersey, with a monogrammed J for Jake.(sorry for the run on.) I did something similar for the boys 1st birthday only times two since I have twins and all. For a long time I couldn't figure out this STUPID gene, that makes me do stupid things, but after some years, i have figured it out. I have to do the best that I...that is I, possibly can. It doesn't bother me one little bit that someone else cuts things out crooked(that's for you my love), or doesn't measure, or clean their toilets with a toothbrush, but I have to, that's the best I can do. Good thing we have spouses to put up with that. I'm starting to get over it now that my good friends are bringing me into reality:) It's nice to have more time to play:) Okay, now back to April. So, the cake Charley AND Sarah made was super awesome! And of course Jake is super cute! Here's a bunch of pics I stole from Charley's facebook.
TaaDaa the amazing cake atop a cake home plate!
The bears backside (quite svelte, if I do say so myself.)
Bear meet Jake. Jake eat Bear, I mean meet Bear.
That's what I'm talkin' about!
Opening some presents after his quick bath.
Isn't he just so cute? It must be from Sarah!
When we got back from Ely, we were driving around one day and the boys saw this! So Andrew thought they should go on it. They had a lot of fun and so did Andrew and Kiki. Steele and I just watched. I was funny:)
In this pic the guy is trying to sell me one of those mini buses(far right side) for $20 bucks. I was like Ya right buddy, if I wanted one, I would just walk myself right over there to Wal-Mart and buy the same one for $2. Ya jerk. I'm so sure $20 kid will break that in like 3 minutes. I just gave you $20 bucks for riding my family around in circles with some silly sirens on, rip off somebody else! Okay I didn't say that but I totally wanted to. But the kids and Andrew LOVED it!


Missy said...

The cake is awesome!! I do love how perfect you are!! Can I hire you or your brother for Cole's party??

The Foulgers said...

That cake is amazing! I think what you have is called OCD, I have it also. Why does everything have to be so perfect for people like us?:)

Mom of Mix Kids said...

Pretty sure that cake could win a competition somewhere. Definately. It's dang amazing!! Now, what you were saying about doing your very best...yeah, I have that problem too. I'm just figuring out that it is a type of OCD (really, my mom told me so ;)) Anyway, like you, I'm working on it though. It kills me a little to let things go a bit, but it does free up some nice time.

It's been fun following your cute fam. :)

Jennifer Richins said...

I SO need to take cake lessons from Sarah and Charley. Unbelievable. The thought of making a fondant jersey sends my heart into palpatations. I can't even imagine pulling that off, let alone that well. Great job on the cake!

TRISHA said...

Jake is just way too cute!!! Everytime Effie plays with her Leap Frog ABC's on the frige, I think of Jake and his little hat. Cracks me up every time!