Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Catch up

So I'm the worst blogger ever. I have good intentions, but... Anyway I'm just going to go month by month until I'm caught up.
To finish out February, my friends and I got together again this year to make our a hubby's a special treat. Or lots of treats! We all baked different things or had something to dip in chocolate, then we made our own candy boxes and filled them with all the goodies. It was so fun.
Other than that nothing really happened in Feb., besides Jesse falling out of the truck and landing on his face. Way to break your fall son, with your face! When I fall, which isn't very often, I usually catch myself with my hands. Not my boys, they really know how to use their heads:) (They must get that from their Daddy. Just kidding!)
This last is just because he's so cute!