Sunday, May 11, 2008


By The Way, we are having another boy! I knew it was so we are very excited. Jesse on the other hand, has had to be talked into the idea. He was sure it was a girl and really wanted a "baby sister". After we kind of calmed him down and asked him what he wanted to name the new baby boy, he said,"Baby Sister". I guess he's bound to have it be a "baby sister" one way or another.

New little boy in the family!

I love this picture! He's almost 2 weeks old and he just happened to smile while taking this picture, it's soooo funny.
My brother Charley and his wife Sarah just had their first baby on April 4th. He weighed 9lbs 1 oz. Our family thinks he is a clone of Charley, other than he's much cuter. Just kidding, but seriously, he's a doll. He's a good little baby and boys love having a new cousin in town. We all love baby Jake! He's going to be blessed on June 8th. My brother Jeff is coming home from his mission on the 4th so he'll be there for the blessing.


March was really busy! At least on the weekends for sure. The first weekend we were in California for our nieces baby blessing. The second weekend we were in Utahrd. Andrew's Grandma had her 80th birthday party. It was really nice. We had dinner(the whole family, about 70 people) at the Roof Restaurant in the Joseph Smith Memorial building. They have this really good pomegranate lemonade, that I have since e-mailed them the recipe for and now have. Anyway, it was a nice weekend. On the third weekend, Andrew's Dad, Heber, left for Kuwait for a year. He is in the Army, hooha. His orders are for 400 days leave, so he will be gone for a year. He has been able to call quite often so it's been nice. There are some pictures below of the farewell. It was sad, so many soldiers were leaving pregnant wives or brand new babies and whole families. I had mixed feelings, on one hand I was so grateful for those soldiers and their families and had such a respect for them. On the other hand, I sure was thankful that it wasn't MY husband leaving me with little children and one on the way. Selfish I know, but I did take comfort in knowing that the base they are going to is very protected and don't see any fighting action. Anywho, it was a good but sad day when you have to say good-bye and watch your children say good-bye to their Grampy.

Jesse and Jace in front of a military Hummer at the farewell.

The boys in a fire truck.

Andrew and his Dad

Grampy and his Grandchildren except Effie.

Our little family with Heber.

Army Dad

Jace, Maxyne, and Jesse

Too bad Grampy couldn't take this luggage.

Our last weekend was Easter. It was fun, and nice to be at home for a weekend.
We had an Easter egg hunt in the back yard and family came down for the weekend.

Nice bed head!