Monday, June 8, 2009

April campout

Bar-none the worst camp out... EVER! But we tried to make the best of it. Jace got sick. It started with some canker sores in his mouth and by the next morning it was like mouth leprosy or something. So we had some breakfast and packed up and stopped at urgent care on the way home. They said it was aphthous ulcers. Basically giant cankers, even in his throat, maybe from an allergic reaction to something. Don't worry Jesse got it to 3 days later:) But Steele didn't, bonus! It was horribly windy and our power inverter broke so we couldn't blow up our aerobed soooo, I had to sleep, well lay, since I never really slept, right on the ground:( Okay I camp and everything, but I do require some modern comforts! Oh and PS the campers next to us were on spring break. Spring Break = lots of herbal smoking in the dark with headlamps and lots of snacks due to the herbal smoking:) Good thing it was dark and the boys didn't know what was going on! They were pretty quiet for spring breakers! Here's some fun pics.
A couple of heated games of toy story memory!
The boys and I did scary face pics! These are the ones that aren't just plain ugly of me:)
Jesse said this was scary because he looked dead. Okaaaay.....
Okay I do look ugly in this one but Jace looks funny!
He was totally screaming when we were taking the pictures. Hahahaha.
Baby Steele almost 7 months old!
Healthy breakfast appetizer...marshmallows!
My little campers!
My big camper, taking down the tent!


The Foulgers said...

You are one brave momma to take those 3 little boys on a camping trip! I'm sorry that it turned out to be such a bummer, but I'm sure it's something your boys will remember.

Sims Mom said...

Thomas got that same thing in his mouth about a year or so ago. So not fun and soooooo painful for the little guy. I am sorry for your boys that sucks.

anna banana said...

You are such an amazing mom! You are so much braver then me!

Jennifer Richins said...

I tried sleeping directly on the ground last year at girls camp and it was not pleasant. I'm sorry it didn't turn out better. But you got some cute pics and have some fun stories now!