Monday, November 26, 2007

Do YOU ever need a timeout?

or at least a little birth control? Tonight I was going to paint my ceiling and then do some blogging about our thanksgiving activities. Instead... I spent the evening shampooing upstairs since my children are artistically gifted. (They knew they were in trouble-you can't really tell but they have paint all over their legs and bodies.)I usually get the carpets cleaned before I put up the Christmas decorations, but I wasn't planning on it today. Let me just tell you what led up to this "art". I was on the phone planning this weeks YW activity and I heard the water turn on outside so I went to tell them to turn it off, but alas, I was too late. The sprinklers had been on and both of the prodigy's (for lack of a better word) were butt naked, with the exception of Jace's shirt, he couldn't get it off his head because the button was still done up! They were both freezing cold so I told them to go upstairs and get on some underwear and get a blanket. I continued talking on the phone, then I realized I could hear them continually flushing the toilet. I told them to stop and went up to check on the bathroom.

(Mind you, it had only been at the most 10 minutes.) As I neared the crest of the stairs I could see Andrew's old art set open, and everything was everywhere. (The bed of that little truck is supposed to be red, the mixed the balck and white.) Amidst the paint and chalk was the toilet brush and then they decided to clean up and got out my BRAND NEW underwear and cleaned it up.

There was paint on the walls and door casings. Pretty much everywhere it isn't supposed to be.

I now have the G's of a clown, very clean carpet, and no patience. (Good thing I was on the phone when I made the discovery, if you know what I mean?!)

Needless to say, I put the tornados in thier room and gave myself a timeout, tears and all. Then I started in on the carpet, and life just keeps going.

our missionaries

Andrew and I both have a sibling on a mission. My littlest (actually not so little anymore) brother, Jeff, is in Peru. And My sister-in-law, Amy, is in Panama.

Jeff has about 6 months left. He is currently in Trujillo, he was there one before. He's doing awesome, as if we'd expect anything less. He is currently Zone leader and from the sounds of things isn't even "trunky" ( I really don't like that word whoever came up with it, I think it's wierd). Jeff speaks the language fluently and has for awhile now. He's doing great!

Here's our bubbly, crazy, Amy! She's been out since August. She went directly to the MTC in Guatemala and has been in Panama now for a few weeks. Every Letter she sends her, spanish is getting better and better and she is understanding it more and more!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm giving in!

So I'm giving in to all the peer pressure. I've been giving excuses why I don't have enough time to blog. But I've run out of excuses. So this blog spot is actually multitasking for me. I'm keeping friends and family updated on our happenings, I'm journaling, doing my part in geneology, and just enjoying myself. No we're not pregnant yet, ( I've just put on a liitle weight) so don't ask me if I'm pregnant! (Just kidding) But I did have my 1st Dr. appt. today and I will be starting on Clomid by next month. Clomid is a fertility drug to try to make you ovulate (if you don't already and I don't). So I'm excited to get started trying to have more kids (or A kid). It's so much much easier to just knock 'em out 2 at a time! And I'm super excited to be a new blogger!