Monday, February 18, 2008


Christmas was fun this year! Still it was a bit wierd not having Jeff there. He was able to call for a couple of hours and everyone talked to him. He's suddenly so wise and mature. No, I'm not using the wrong descriptive words and yes I am talking about Jeffrey Phillip Hall. I mean Elder Hall. Here's some pics of everyone talking to him.


Cute Grama B


Pimped out Papa entertaining us while Mom was on the phone

This was my favorite present this year. There was this present for Alex under the tree and the note was a ransom looking letter from her secret admirer. The present was these big, high cut, red, underwear. Come to find out it was a joke(obviously) from my Dad. And yes she has on her new coat and the underwear are over her coat. It was so funny because no one knew who did it. Anyway it was fun, I'll do a slide show later of all the Christmas Day pics and Christmas eve baking!

Polar Express pics!

Christmas in February?

So I'm a little behind! Anyway, the boys and I went to Ely a few days early for Christmas because my Mom got tickets for the Polar Express. It was so cute, my Mom got the boys new jammies, robes, and slippers for their adventure.

The ride was so fun...long... but fun. We brought Grama Belle, she's always up for anything or a trip on a whim, she's quite the gypsy. The conductor came by and punched their tickets, they played the songs from the movie over the sound system. The boys were so cute, they kept looking out the windows, they were looking for the wolves. Soon they handed out "hot, hot, hot cocoa" and cookies. Then Santa got on the train and talked to every child. Then his helper gave all the kids a tiny silver bell. Which was sooooo funny because my Mom had bought the boys a giant silver bell, so when they got the little ones they were less than impressed. I'm going to put a slide show up of all the pics of the train ride but here are a few.

This is like the 10th picture. Seriously, my Dad was messing around in alllll the pictures they'll be on the slide show.

Sorry about all the red eye I have a new computer and need to put my photo editor on this computer. The boys could see their breath, it was cute.