Monday, May 25, 2009

March Madness (Warning: long post)

We weren't home very much in March, a lot happened in our family. Andrew's sister Amy came hope from her mission in Panama on Tuesday, March 10. So we drove down for the day and right back because Andrew had to work. Don't worry we went right back to Cali on Friday for the weekend. There was a little party for her. Then we went canning while I was down there. Andrew's parents gave everyone $200 towards food storage for Christmas. It was really fun! Then after our hard work we treated ourselves to lunch and pedicures:)

One of the signs we made for Amy!

I made shirts for all the nieces and nephews to wear. So cute!
Effie's and Steele's shirts were different. Amy had never met them, they were both born while she was gone. So their shirts said."Hello, my name is Steele Jennings or Effie Jane. Nice to Meet you Auntie Amy!" They were really cute.
Amy with the baby Turkey's:)
The whole crew!
Welcome home at the house.
Amy was happy to be home but sad to leave Panama.
Hermana Meeks brought home presents for everyone. So fun!
Beautiful Lunch Lady! JK it's standard canning attire.
All the lunch ladies from down in lunch lady land!The fruits (beans, flours, sugars, dried apple chips, etc.) of our labors.
The rewards of our labors!
A beautiful March afternoon at home.
The following week after Amy came home, Heber, Andrew's Dad, came home from Kuwait! The kids were already in jammies because he flew in at like 11:30 at night. It was really exciting! Jesse ran right up to hug him!

Andrew hugging his Dad.Steele's first time meeting Grampy! (He was a little grumpy due to the 11:30 pm thing.)
The next day we went to March Air field.
That Saturday we went out on date night with Andrew's parents, Shannon and Jim, Kiki and friend, and Amy. We went to a little place on a pier. It was fun!
Okay I just thought this was sooo funny. I don't know how I got this on his head because it was hard to get off! Plus he usually smiles and he was not having a smile with this on his head.
Sexy baby pose?
So Steele turned six months on March 11. He started to play with his reflection. He started eating veggies, starting with sweet green peas. At the end of the month he started crawling! So we are mobile...soon to be a mobile vaccuum cleaner:) Steele just loves his brothers, he has some real hero envy when he looks at them. And they are sooo good to him, and always looking out for him. He's very cuddly and loves his blankies.
The next weekend, March 28th, we went back to cali again:) Effie was turning one, and there was a big party for Heber and Amy.
Effie in full birthday gear. She had a Baby Einstein party!
There was a face painter at her party, so we have spider Jesse!
and snakey Jace!
Effie and her Daddy, Gabe, having their turn at the pinata. Grampy was the pinata master!
Effie had her own mini version of the caterpillar cake.
After the birthday party we packed up all our kids and took them to the next party for the night.
Jim has all the DJ equipment so we all danced the night away. Of course our family was the only ones crazy enough to actually dance. It was soooo much fun!
Jace was a dance machine, here he is with is dance accessories:)
Dancin' Max! Seriously she danced all night! She got up on the stage and everything. Maniac!!
Gotta have a little family chicken dance!